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's partner magazines recently earned several awards for editorial excellence among the largest circulation regional parenting magazines in the country in the Parenting Publications of America's annual awards competition. Our parenting magazines provide with the great new content that you find here each month. Click on the magazine images below to view other award winning articles and columns for each publication.
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This year's winning columns include:

Everyday Etiquette

Judges' Comments: Here's proof that manners - and learning about them - need not be boring. The writer's personal voice, use of humor and strong leads connect with the reader. The advice is offered in pithy servings, making it easy to swallow.

A Household Word

Judges' Comments: Carol Band is a delightful storyteller. Her columns stick to their theme. They deliver their laughs at a good rate. Band's personality comes through - as it does with all the best writers in this competition. This is someone readers can like and want to follow issue after issue.

Family Man

Judges' Comments: Great scene-setting and keen observation enliven this essay about a youngest child trying to make his mark on the family. A fun-to-read slice of life that also features insights about letting your children find their way.

This year's winning articles include:

color=#800080>Article: Family Camp Has Its Days in the Sun

Judges' Comments: This feature offers a charming blend of personality, perspective and particulars. A reader comes away understanding both the appeal of the tradition of family camping and how to take advantage of the opportunities. Good reporting meets good writing.

color=#800080>Article: Woman Wise - A Survivor's Story

Judges' Comments: What sets this breast cancer's survivor's story apart is not the rarity or circumstances of her disease. Rather, it is the crisp, straightforward way she tells it. Her fear is present, of course, but the advice she offers to those who might find themselves in a similar situation is clear and informative.

Article: Lessons from Noah

Judges' Comments: A clean, nicely crafted essay relating how a mother learns to balance her desire to help her autistic son fit in with others while celebrating his differences. The writer manages to propel this beyond the merely personal, offering a lesson to all parents about accepting their children for who they are.

Article: Stemming the Tide of Autism

Judges' Comments: This story's description of new advances in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of autism offers real hope for the parents of children challenged by the neurological disorder. The information on support groups for parents is invaluable.

Article: Virtual Lives

Judges' Comments: This is a frank and sobering reminder of what our children are doing with technology. It's packed with information on how parents can protect their children's privacy and safety by monitoring their use of everything from cell phones to the Internet's latest social-networking sites. It's a must-read for every parent in the Bay Area.

Article: The Lunch Wars

Judges' Comments: New federal rules on nutrition in schools have school districts across the country scrambling. This article illustrates how commitment and creativity can help a community get around the barriers to compliance and how to do it in a way that keeps nearly everyone happy. Easy tips for parents on how to prepare healthy lunches are a bonus.

Article: Teaching Kids Self-Control

Judges' Comments: OK, it's not easy raising children into responsible and responsive adults, but this article would certainly improve the odds. A mix of sources - parents and experts - adds to the article's interest as does a down-to-earth sidebar of tips on how to handle different situations. It also has an online feature for other parents to weigh in on the topic.

Article: Learning Disabilities