Organizing The Playroom: Tips From A TV Organizing Guru

If you feel like you're constantly picking up one toy to pick up another, never fear - Amanda is here! 

Amanda LeBlanc is a professional organizer and the star of The Style Network's upcoming docu-series, The Amandas. From food trucks to garages, Amanda and her team have organized even the messiest of rooms. 

Luckily, we were able to sit down with Amanda and get her best tips for keeping your child's room and playroom under control. Check out these sensible tips that not only keep toys off of the floor, but also teach your child about responsibility and routines. 

     No lids! It sounds so simple but a lid is just another barrier between your kids and putting away a toy or clothing item. Make it as easy as possible for your kids to put items away and get rid of the lid!

2.     Labels – This is great for kids of any age but I especially love labels for little who can’t yet read. Use a big bright label (you can create them in a text box in word) and place a picture with the word, an example would be for a basket of cars you would have the word cars and a picture of a car. This I great for letting kids know exactly where to find and place cars back but for the little ones it also is a great learning tool for word recognition and early reading.

3.     Keep it simple – although there are millions of toys out there, doesn’t mean your child needs them all. Too many toys leads too much clutter. A few well chosen toys can keep a child entertained and using their imagination.

4.     Invest in a great adjustable storage system for their closets. This will maximize the storage in the closet and create a functional system that will grow with them through the years

5.     Get kids involved in creating their organization systems. Getting organized can be fun and creative, and having your child’s input will help insure this is a system that will work for them.

The best thing to remember is that kids crave order and discipline and are a lot easier to get started on an organizing system than some parents!

You can watch Amanda LeBlanc on The Style Network's "The Amandas," premiering January 30th at 8pm.