Online Safety: Guidelines for Kids

Parents: Print the following guidelines and share with your kids, friends and teachers.  Consider using these points as the basis for a Family Internet Use Contract.

• Always use the Internet with your parent’s permission.

• Never, never, give out information online such as your name, address, phone number, school or parent’s name(s).

• Ask your parents before typing personal information onto a Web site – even if it’s to play a game or enter a contest.

• Never open or answer e-mails or instant messages from people you don’t know.

• Never tell anyone your password, including friends or someone who seems official (except your parents).

• Never make plans to meet Internet “friends” in real life. If someone asks, tell your mom or dad.

• If somebody says something or sends you something that makes you uncomfortable or afraid, tell your parents or another trusted adult. They’ll know what to do.

• Always follow your family’s Internet rules – they’re there to make sure you have fun and stay safe online.