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February 2004

Better Bites

Avoid childhood teeth troubles with our wide range of dental tips, just in time for National Dental Health Month. You'll find:

  • Baby's Teeth: Keeping Your Baby's Grin Great!

  • An Age-By-Age Guide to Orthodontics

  • A Glossary of Common Orthodontic Terms

  • Braces-Friendly Recipes Your Kids Will Love

    Has the Flu Got You?

    This season's flu came early and hit hard. For some, it was deadly. For most, it's been the typical combination of fever, body aches, coughs and congestion. If you're still dealing with the flu - or it hasn't hit your family yet - learn how to weather it best.

    Explore the World ... From Your Desktop!

    Discover entertaining (and educational!) software that takes you places.

    Baby-Sitting Basics ... When Your Child's the Sitter

    Alone in someone else's house? Caring for a baby? For many adolescents, baby-sitting is a rite of passage - and a great way to earn money. But when it's your child doing the baby-sitting, you may see it a little differently. Here's how to help your young teen become a confident, comfortable and successful sitter - while preserving your own peace of mind.

    Choosing the Right Read for Your Child

    Just like Goldilocks searching for the perfect bowl of porridge or the most comfortable chair, these hints will help you find books that are "just right" for your child's age and interests.

    Traveling with Teens
    They may be moody, even rude. They crave independence and will probably protest if you ask them to join you. So why would you want to vacation with your teenager? Well, if you can pry your teen away from her home turf and her school’s unforgiving arbiters of “cool,” she might just reveal her true self. Plan your travel to re-engage your teen.

    Recognizing Parents as Leaders

    Parents make great leaders, and Parents Anonymous® Inc., the nation’s oldest child abuse prevention and treatment organization wants to recognize them this month. A national campaign is underway to honor moms and dads who’ve become parenting leaders in their homes and communities. Parents Anonymous wants to promote the value of parents speaking out about their child-rearing experiences and working with family advocates and service providers to push for programs and laws that help an important group of people – us!


    A Household Word
    A mom’s humorous perspective on everyday family life.

    Family Man
    A dedicated dad’s perspective on parenting today.

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