Nursery Essentials

When you set out to decorate your baby’s nursery, before thinking about what patterns you want painted on the crib and dresser, there are many essentials that will make the room a comfortable and safe place for both parent and child alike. Try to keep these items in mind:

Bassinet – It is useful for younger infants before buying a crib. Parents can wheel it into any room of the house to keep the baby at close range.

Crib – This may be the most essential thing to have in your child’s nursery. For safety, when buying a crib, make sure the slats are no more than 2-3/8 apart. Don’t forget to buy all the accessories, as well. You will need a mattress, plastic mattress cover, sheets, bumper guards and a blanket. (Avoid soft fluffy bedding that poses a suffocation hazard.)

Dresser – Newborns, infants and toddlers always have many clothes because they grow so quickly and there is always a relative buying something or a hand-me-down. You will need a dresser to keep up with the flow of clothes your child will have growing up.

Changing table – This piece of furniture can save parents’ backs and help keep the nursery organized. Changing tables usually come with shelves to store diapers, ointments and things for the bath.

Diaper pail – This is needed for sanitary purposes. Diaper pails help isolate odors and keep bacteria in an enclosed space.

Hamper – It may be most convenient to keep a separate hamper in the nursery.

Baby monitor – This gives you more freedom to move around the house and outdoors. Many monitors come with adapters and batteries so you can take the monitor to any part of the house or outside and still hear the baby in the nursery.

Vaporizer – This is one of those items that you may not think about needing until the middle of the night when your baby has a cold, trouble breathing, etc. Go ahead and get one ahead of time.

Mobiles – Hanging a mobile on a child’s crib will keep the child amused and can soothe when the child is trying to sleep or waking up.

Mirrors  Since mirrors reflect a child’s own face, it is guaranteed to captivate a child’s attention. Parents can put (appropriately safe) mirrors in the crib, over the changing table and even on the floor.