Never Too Young: Games to Play with Infants

They’re not quite ready for Monopoly or Scrabble, but babies love to play games. Any game that promotes interaction and touching will win rave reviews from your little playmate. Here are five ideas to get you started, so let the games begin!

1.  Belt out a Song
. Even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, your baby will enjoy your singing—just, for obvious reasons, don’t expect a standing ovation. Ham it up by personalizing your ditty with the names of your baby and people close to her.

2.  Do a Little Dance
. We’re not asking you to break out the tango and flamenco moves, a gentle rocking or swaying motion while holding your baby is just fine. Put on some soothing music or sing a lullaby, and move gently as your baby develops a sense of rhythm.

3.  Play Peek-a-Boo
. An ancestor of hide-and-seek, this game never fails to produce smiles. And while peek-a-boo is rather predictable and redundant—hence its unpopularity at dinner parties and corporate functions—you can jazz it up by hiding your face behind a washcloth or small pillow.

4.  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. They’re not vain nor do they quite grasp the concept of a bad-hair day, but babies love gazing at themselves in the mirror. Nurture this love by standing with your baby in front of a mirror and making bright, animated facial expressions.  Oftentimes, your baby will mimic these expressions.