Neighborhood Fun for Fall

Ahhhhh, autumn! Cooler temperatures, colorful trees, football games, and cuddly sweaters! A time to breathe in the fragrant air, go on hay rides and enjoy jumping in piles of leaves. Well, at least it used to be that way. But somehow in this day and age, we are all coming and going so often and so fast, we donít have time to stop and smell the apple cider, much less stop and greet the neighbors. Heck, sometimes we don't even feel like a part of our own neighborhoods.

Well, here is a GREAT, SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE project that YOU can start tonight, and that by Octoberís end will involve your entire neighborhood and create an immediate, fun sense of community!

First thing you do is copy this verse:

With cooler winds and hay rides, and hot cider oh so good
Autumn has now settled upon our happy neighborhood.

This pumpkinís here to greet the Fall, with leaves no longer green
And was delivered by a friend who was (hopefully) not seen!

Display the Pumpkin on your door so neighbors can all spy
That youíve received Fallís greeting from this orange little guy.

Then fix a sack with goodies like the one given to you
Ring someone's bell and leave a bag and make them happy too!

Now, fill a bag (brown is fine!) with several Autumn type goodies like candy corn, glow sticks, cookie cutters, seasonal hand towels, etc. Cut out and color two pumpkins, (click here to get yours) one to tape to your recipient familyís bag, one for them to pass along to the family they choose. That family will duplicate the verse and pumpkins to include in the bag they prepare for the next family!

Pick a neighbor, wait till dark, place the bag on their porch, ring the bell, and RUN!

As the next person/family carries on the new tradition, you will delight in seeing these little pumpkins displayed on the doors and windows of the houses throughout your neighborhood!

Happy Fall!