NAPPA needs you!
Help us test baby and parenting products for the 2008 Parenting Resources Awards!

Every year, after we determine winning toys and other entertainment products for your family, NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Awards) begins evaluating submissions for the NAPPA Parenting Resources competition. Along with how-to books and DVDs, we test baby and toddler products, from carriers to strollers, breast pumps to bottles, plus maternity and post-natal products, potty-training tools, household gadgets, and more. In fact, anything that makes parenting easier, more stylish, and more fun is fair game – and we need your help picking the very best!

Are you interested in being a family tester for these kinds of products and more? Please email the following information:

  • Your name;

  • Please name any other adults in your home who may use these products. Will they be willing to fill out a separate evaluation form?

  • How many children, and what age and gender?

  • Your phone number (home, work, cell, if you have them);

  • Your home address;

  • Your specific requests for products;

  • Will you be able to obtain transportation to pick up large items such as strollers, crib mattresses, or maybe even a full-sized crib?

  • Is there a style of stroller that you prefer or have been anxious to try out?

  • How do you feel about "earth-friendly" and/or organic products?

  • What is the maximum number of products you are willing to evaluate?

  • Will you be willing to come in for multiple rounds of pickups/drop-offs/testing?

Please let us know if you feel that you will be able to get good use out of:

  • Jogging strollers (Do you jog regularly? With children?);

  • Bicycle carriers (Do you bike regularly? With children?)

  • Teething products (Which ones?);

  • Maternity creams and or support products;

  • Breast pumps, nursing bras, nursing pillows, nursing cover-ups;

  • Receiving/swaddling blankets;

  • Cloth diapers;

  • Potty-training tools;

  • Childproofing and child safety items

  • Infant nutrition

  • Post-natal fitness

  • Parenting books, “how to” DVDs and CDs, and Web sites

  • Children’s swimming gear (Do you have access to a pool to test?)

  • Travel products?

We will assign you products based on your requests and your family's stated
needs, and will require you to give each product a thorough try-out. We'll

then need you to fill out an evaluation sheet in full for each product, and
return the evaluations to our office. As for final distribution of product,
we may:

1) Request a product sample to be returned to us for further testing-- these products may or may not be returned to you to keep;

2) Request a product sample to be returned to us for promotional giveaways-- these products will not be returned to you;


3) Allow you to keep the product as our thanks for your essential service to NAPPA! The majority of samples will likely fall into this category.

Only testers who are able to pick up and drop off products at our office in
Jamaica Plain between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm may participate.

We thank you for your help!

- The NAPPA Team

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