NAPPA Honors Winner: Smithsonian Computer Microscope

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6 & up


Smithsonian Computer Microscope, Digital Blue, 2007; $99.99; ages 6 and up; Requires USB port and Windows 98, 2000 or XP. Looking through the lens of this super-duper microscope is a great way to bring the “real” world into the “digital” world. It gives new meaning to “Windows” on a PC. Designed with a transparent casing so that kids can see the “guts” of the electronics inside, the Smithsonian Computer Microscope enables kids to zoom in on everything from greasy fingerprints to the surface of a potato chip. One of our kid testers quickly dismantled the microscope to use the “hands free” explorer feature to get a 200x look at the zig-zag threading of her shoelaces. Kids capture their magnified images on the computer and manipulate them to later share with family and friends. “Totally cool!” is how our young reviewers described the experience.