NAPPA Honors Winner: geeART16

Software, Video Games &
Web Sites

7 and up

geeART16, Madcap Logic, 2006; $27.98 annual subscription to Web site; ages 7 and up;, Requires Web browser with Flash plug-in. More educational than often-requested gaming or activity sites, the Creativity Express guide cultivates an interest in and expands awareness of important creative and artistic concepts. Children gain insights into shape, form, color and lighting, as well as how lines convey emotion and messages, how artists depict movement in their work, which inventions have influenced artists, why portraits are so popular and much more. Highly structured online lessons and activities engage and provide a comprehensive learning experience for interested and motivated young learners. If your child has even a spark of creative passion, this site introduces him or her to the tools of the trade that can set the world afire! A Windows- and Mac-compatible CD-Rom version of the game, called Creativity Express ($29.95), has also been released with added features.