NAPPA Gold Winners 2007: Music

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By John Wood

NAPPA has become a premier venue for showcasing the best in children’s music, whether from the tried-and-true larger companies or from smaller independent sources. After all, good music is good music!

This year, we have another great batch of recordings for your family’s listening pleasure. We challenge you to escape your comfort zone and seek out some of the more edgy selections, such as Mommy Says No! and The Movement. While you’re at it, enjoy the added features that come with many CDs to play on your computer and enhance your listening fun.

MUSIC GOLD (Click Here for Music Honors)
For Toddlers & Up
Exercise Party: Stretchin’ and Jumpin’ Songs for Young Children
Go Team Baby!
Putumayo Kids Presents Animal Playground:
Playful Tracks From Around The World
For Preschoolers & Up
I Like Being Me!
I Wanna Play: Songs by Bill Harley
My Green Kite
Never Mind the Rain
For Ages 9 & Up
Mommy Says No!
The Movement
The Power of One
Baby Loves Jazz: Greatest Hits Volumes 1 & 2
Siente: Night Songs from Around the World
BONUS: NAPPA Presents: Classic Animal Songs
MUSIC HONORS (Click Here for Music Honors)