NAPPA Gold Winner: Crazy Machines 1.5: More Gizmos, Gadgets & Whatchamacallits

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9 to 12

Crazy Machines 1.5: More Gizmos, Gadgets & Whatchamacallits, Viva Media, 2007; $19.99; for ages 9 to 12; Requires: Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista. Awesome! This tween favorite is a digital Erector Set™ that enables kids to create machines from multiple parts and see what their creations “do.” It’s better than most electronic puzzle games, because players construct their own solutions. Kids have to think about building machines and complex systems that achieve a goal, and then expand their reasoning to include multiple moving pieces and variables to meet increasingly difficult challenges as players level-up. Adults will love this game, too!