NAPPA 2006: Spoken Word and Storytelling for Ages 4 & Up

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By Marilyn McPhie

Nappa Gold Winners
What does the soundtrack of your life sound like? The next time you're in the car, take note. If you'd like to rise above the din of traffic, the drone of talk radio and the barrage of backseat bickering, what could be better than a story? Here are the Gold Award-winners to get you started.

Gold Award Winners

The Little Dragon, by Jay O'Callahan, Artana Productions, 1982; $15. New, original tales with an old, familiar ring. This CD features four tales conveying the importance of kindness, friendship and perseverance. It combines the veteran storyteller's fertile imagination with his acrobatic linguistic skills. It's sure to be a family favorite, with everyone echoing "Good game, good game!" and "Woe is me bones!" in characteristic voice for years to come.

Honors Award Winners

Ella the Elegant Elephant, Carmela and Steven D'Amico; Scholastic Media, 2006; $9.95; A charming little story about the new kid (well, elephant) in town. Comes with a paperback book so kids can read along and thus reinforces the all-important correlation between written and oral language.

Jump, Jiggle & Jam: A Rhythmic Romp Through Story Land, Dianne de Las Casas; The Story Connection, 2006; $15.99; This jazzed-up version of eight storytime favorites provides wacky fun for the youngest rappers in the house.

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