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By John Wood

Nappa Gold Winners
We have a lot of exciting talent to share with you this year. There are familiar voices, bright new voices and instrumentalists galore! Music from around the world is especially well-represented, and it's a great way to expose kids to other cultures. Remember, children's music is evergreen - the gift that keeps on giving - so check out these talented NAPPA Gold winners and give a gift of music this year!

Gold Award Winners

Lullabies: 15 Gentle Songs to Ease Your Baby to Sleep, Various Artists, Casablanca Kids, 2006; $5.99. This perfect potpourri of sleepy-time tunes is performed by a who's who of award-winning children's artists, including the Banana Slug String Band, Parachute Express, Fred Penner, and Sharon, Lois & Bram.
Quiet Time, Raffi, Rounder Records, 2006; $12.98. The gentle balladeer is back with a soothing mixture of traditional and original songs, all presented in Raffi's inimitable style.
Snooze Music, Rick Scott, Grand PooBah Music, 2006; $15. A splendid musical gift from - and to - the heart, Scott's dulcimer magic, beautiful songs and terrific arrangements strike a chord with all ages.

Honors Award Winners

A Mother's Gift: Lullabies From the Heart, Carnie Wilson, Big3 Records, 2006; $13.98;; for all ages. Wondrous creations happen when babies arrive and talented artists take musical flight - the Dennis Wilson arrangement is outstanding!

Baby Dreams, Twin Sisters Productions, 2006; $9.99;; for up to age 4. Twin Sisters' baby-CD factory has another winner with this two-disc set that features a mother's lullabies to her child and instrumentals of traditional tunes.

Dream Songs Night Songs: From Mali to Louisiana, Various Artists, The Secret Mountain, 2006; $16.95 Book & CD;; for all ages. Read the book, listen to the lovely international lullabies and drift off into dreamland. We did!

Kind of Blue & Pink: Mellow Jazz for Cool Babies and You, Jon Crosse & Friends, Jazz Cat Records, 2006; $13.98;; for all ages. Jazz-loving parents will enjoy the fine vocals by superb guest performers and the catchy grooves - right along with their kids.

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