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By John Wood

Nappa Gold Winners
We have a lot of exciting talent to share with you this year. There are familiar voices, bright new voices and instrumentalists galore! Music from around the world is especially well-represented, and it's a great way to expose kids to other cultures. Remember, children's music is evergreen - the gift that keeps on giving - so check out these talented NAPPA Gold winners and give a gift of music this year!

Gold Award Winners

An Elephant Never Forgets, Owen Duggan, OLDmusic Productions, 2005; $16.98. You won't forget these cunningly creative songs, playfully performed with vigor and panache by this Texas tunesmith.
Folk Playground, Various Artists, Putumayo World Music, 2006; $14.98. This compilation, performed by popular children's artists and other well-known musicians - such as Dan Zanes, Elizabeth Mitchell, Laurie Berkner, Trout Fishing, Justin Roberts, Michelle Shocked and Leon Redbone - truly hits the mark. It's a well-crafted collection of originals and classics, with some multilingual liner notes.
Smorgasbord, Rick Scott, Grand PooBah Music, Sharon, Lois & Bram, Casablanca Kids, 2006; $5.99. Re-released after 20 years, this CD is filled with the fun and upbeat songs that made SL&B so venerable and relevant.

Honors Award Winners

Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed: More Songs to Sing and Sign with Kids and Kritters, Anne Meeker Miller, Ph.D., Love Language Productions, 2006; $14.95; Cute, participatory animal-themed songs include hand-signs for value-added fun and learning.

Fiddlesticks, Graham Walker, Laughing Fox Music, 2005; $12.95;; for up to age 8. Great imagination, songwriting skills and production value result in some fun stuff!

Music Time, Johnette Downing, Wiggle Worm Records, 2005; $15;; for up to age 6. Multi-award winning, Louisiana-based Downing educates as she so expertly entertains with music, movement and interaction.

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