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NAPPA Holiday Shopping List

By John Wood

Nappa Gold Winners
We have a lot of exciting talent to share with you this year. There are familiar voices, bright new voices and instrumentalists galore! Music from around the world is especially well-represented, and it's a great way to expose kids to other cultures. Remember, children's music is evergreen - the gift that keeps on giving - so check out these talented NAPPA Gold winners and give a gift of music this year!

Gold Award Winners

Escape of the Slinkys - Clever Songs for Clever Kids, Nancy Tucker, A Gentle Wind, 2005; $14.95. Clever adults will find these clever tunes by clever wordsmith Nancy Tucker highly entertaining, too!
French Playground, Various Artists, Putumayo World Music, 2005; $14.98. This well-performed and presented audiologue of the French culture and lifestyle hits the mark. Includes exquisite and informative liner notes.
My Best Day, Trout Fishing in America, Trout Records, 2006; $14.98. If you don't want milk shooting out your nose, do not drink milk while listening to this concert recording by two of the best performers out there.

Honors Award Winners

Home, Christine Delaney Pepe, CDP Music, 2006; $15; These songs of love, support and connection are deeply touching and beautifully written and performed.

Paz y Alegria (Peace and Joy), Juanita Ulloa, Ulloa Productions, 2005; $12.95; A wondrous tapestry of Latin American instruments and indigenous musical styles around a holiday theme are sung in both English and Spanish and make for good listening all year round.

Presidential Campaign Songs 1789-1996, Oscar Brand, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 1999; $15; This exhaustive compilation of presidential campaign hits is a great addition to history classes, plus the liner notes offer extensive background support for lesson plans.

What Do You Want?!!!, The Brothers Comstock, Lazy Cow Productions, 2006; $15; An edgy, silly, delightfully zany, laugh-out-loud riot!

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