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By Ranny Levy

Nappa Gold Winners
Media - in its many forms - has infiltrated our lives unlike anything before. With the truly great DVD releases now available for home viewing, you can ensure that the time your child spends in front of the TV is positive, engaging and educational. For starters, try one of the many literature-based DVDs that pair video with beloved children's books. We hope you will enjoy these NAPPA Gold winners as much as we did.

Gold Award Winners

Dr. Dolittle 3, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2006; 90 min.; $21.58; for ages 8 to 12. Nothing is more important to a preteen than fitting-in - and that's all young Maya Dolittle wants. But her uncanny ability to talk to the animals like her dad makes fitting-in unlikely. Yet the gift that sets her apart "saves the day" when talking animals help her and her friends rescue a financially troubled ranch.
Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story, Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, 2006; 91 min.; $24.99; for ages 9 to 16. It's too easy for kids today to be apathetic. Wake them up with this real-life story of an awkward 15-year-old who rallies everyone - from classmates to Prince William and the Backstreet Boys - to create a wildlife preserve for the rare white Kermode bear.

Honors Award Winners

Ernie's Earth: Room to Roam (Parts 1-3), Third Eye Mind, 2005; 85 min.; $22.95; This contemporary environmental science mini-series explores human impact on the environment, and it provides solutions so young viewers don't feel too overwhelmed.

Popular Mechanics for Kids (6 DVD Box Set), Koch Vision, 2005; 9 hours; $54.98; From roller coasters to slither and slime, the hugely popular Popular Mechanics series delivers all kinds of extracurricular learning on a slew of curiosity-provoking topics. All covered in an appealing, hip format.

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