NAPPA 2006 Children's Resources Winners

NAPPA 2006 TOY WINNERS: Play is the language of children. When we think back to our own youth, we fondly remember toys that made us think, made us laugh, or sparked special interests that we've carried into adulthood. This year's Gold Award winners are sure to be enjoyed by your children and, who knows, they might even trigger a lifelong passion. Infants/Toddlers | Preschool | Ages 5 and Up | Ages 8 and Up

NAPPA 2006 BOOK WINNERS: This year's winners herald the return of favorite characters and announce the grand entrance of new ones in must-read stories that make you laugh, think and wonder. Happy reading!

Babies & Toddlers   Preschool & Kindergarten | Ages 6 & Up | Ages 9 & Up | The Whole Family

Nappa Music Award WinnersNAPPA 2006 MUSIC WINNERS: We have a lot of exciting talent to share with you this year. There are familiar voices, bright new voices and instrumentalists galore! Remember, children's music is evergreen - the gift that keeps on giving - so check out these talented NAPPA Gold winners and give a gift of music this year!

Babies & Up Toddlers | Ages 4 & Up | Ages 8 & Up | Lullabies

NAPPA 2006 DVD WINNERS: Media - in its many forms - has infiltrated our lives unlike anything before. With the truly great DVD releases now available for home viewing, you can ensure that the time your child spends in front of the TV is positive, engaging and educational.

Infants & Toddlers | Preschoolers & Up | Ages 5 & Up | Ages 8 & Up

NAPPA 2006 SOFTWARE WINNERS: The theme running through this year's NAPPA winners is excellence in empowering kids and unlocking their creativity. These NAPPA Gold Award-winners represent some of the best of what's new for families.
Preschoolers & Elementary Students | Ages 9 & Up
NAPPA 2006 SPOKEN WORD & STORYTELLING WINNERS: If you'd like to rise above the din of traffic, the drone of talk radio and the barrage of backseat bickering, what could be better than a story? Here are the Gold Award-winners to get you started.
Infants & Toddlers | Ages 4 & Up | Ages 8 & Up

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