NAPPA 2005: Toys for Preschoolers
By Ellen Metrick

Nappa Gold Winners
There's no doubt about it, kids love toys and play is a great way for children to learn new skills and to express themselves. This year's Gold Award-winning toys are sure to provide endless hours of fun while stimulating children and giving them a sense of mastery. Better yet, many of these toys will appeal to adults as well as kids, so join in the fun and enrich your child's playtime!

Gold Award Winners

It's a Match; $22.99; Discovery Toys. This educational game expands a child's visual discrimination and cognitive skills. The first step is to match identical pictures, colors and shapes before gradually advancing to making correlations: between similar pictures, full pictures and close-ups, real photos and drawings, or animals and their habitats. The unique design enables children to make a match and check their answers.
Pretend & Play Count & Click Camera; $19.95; Learning Resources. This pretend camera makes counting a snap! Each time the shutter is pressed, one of 10 photos depicting a different number of objects is seen. The durable plastic photo frames can hold actual 3.5-by-5-inch photos, or children can draw their own pictures on the blank, wipe-off surface on the flip side of the photos included in the set.
Pretend & Play® Trace & Learn Cake; $29.99; Learning Resources. Decorate this cake with static cling designs, wipe-off crayons and letter stamps that help teach letters, simple spelling and counting. All accessories store neatly inside the cake.
Woody Click Rescue Center; $39.95; HaPe International Inc. This make-and-play Rescue Center, complete with helicopter and emergency equipment, uses a snap-on system of wooden pegboards and shapes fitted with plastic pegs to create a solid, sturdy structure. The natural wood and simple design let imaginations soar!

Honors Award Winners

Beleduc Children Around the World Lacing Puppets, HaPe International Inc.; $24.95;; for ages 4 and up. Designed to help children master the skills of lacing, these six wooden dolls are ethnically dressed and come with a booklet explaining simple facts about each doll’s native land.


Community Helper Dramatic Dress Up – Chef, Brand New World; $29.95;; for ages 3 to 6. Chef’s hat and coat, with elastic button holes for easy dressing, comes complete with activity guide and book suggestions for continued play.


Crayola® Farmyard Fun Search Color Match Puzzle, Great American Puzzle Factory Inc.; $10;; for ages 4 and up. This large, 36-piece interlocking puzzle contains six wipe-off pieces to color. Then, find and count the objects in the picture.


Fantasy Dramatic Dress Up – Knight, Brand New World; $34.95;; for ages 3 to 6. Well-made, elaborate knight costume comes complete with activity ideas, a script to follow and book suggestions for continued play.


Hide & Seek Safari, R&R Games; $34.95;; for ages 4 and up. In this electronic hide-and-seek game, the finder lights up as the player approaches the hidden tiger and an alarm sounds when it is found.


Magna-Tiles, Valtech Co.; $51.50;; for ages 3 and up. Colorful, translucent flat shapes edged with magnets can be used to build 2-D and 3-D structures.


NAMiTS Junior, NAMiTS LLC; $9.95;; for ages 3 and up. Pocket-size cards provide topics to create an engaging thinking/verbal game – great for when kids are waiting or en route.


Pretend & Play School Set, Learning Resources; $29.95;; for ages 3 and up. Tri-fold display board contains pointer, report cards, wipe-off boards and all the accessories a teacher-in-training needs to play school.


Quadrilla, HaPe International Inc.; $49.95;; for ages 3 and up. Handsome, sturdy wooden marble run entices children to design new structures and problem-solve configurations that allow the marble to travel throughout.


Zimbbos! Elephantastic Pyramids, Blue Orange; $19.95;; for ages 3 and up. Stack thick, numbered, wooden elephants, clowns and bars in numerical order to make a pyramid.

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