NAPPA 2005: Toys for Ages 5 and Up
By Ellen Metrick

Nappa Gold Winners
There's no doubt about it, kids love toys and play is a great way for children to learn new skills and to express themselves. This year's Gold Award-winning toys are sure to provide endless hours of fun while stimulating children and giving them a sense of mastery. Better yet, many of these toys will appeal to adults as well as kids, so join in the fun and enrich your child's playtime!

Gold Award Winners

Disney Personal DVD Player; $129.99; Disney Electronics. Play DVDs, mini DVDs, audio CDs, MP3s or digital picture disks in this compact, handheld combination unit. The small screen provides a clear picture, and stereo speakers with volume control amplify the desired level of sound. This unit has the same features as a typical DVD player. Rechargeable batteries and charger/power cord are included.
WonderChess; $19.95; WonderChess LLC. This unique game teaches children (and adults) how to play chess using clearly written and illustrated lessons. WonderFillers are the hollow chess pieces in which to store small candies, stickers or other motivational prizes that the victor claims when a playing piece is captured. WonderChess breaks down the daunting task of learning chess into "digestible" pieces!

Honors Award Winners

Normal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Amazing Amanda, Playmates Toys; $99.99;; for ages 5 and up. Amanda can eat, speak, understand time, recognize her new mommy’s voice, show emotion, and be programmed to sleep or wake up at a certain hour.


I Spy in Common, Briarpatch; $16.99;; for ages 5 and up. Find obscure or common similarities in multipictured dominoes – before time runs out!


Lite-Brite FX-Flash Art, Hasbro Inc.; $19.99;; for ages 5 and up. In a darkened room, create psychedelic designs by squirting paint onto a surface framed with internal strobe lights to enjoy a totally new artistic experience.


MLS Kick It!, Kid Galaxy Inc.; $30;; for ages 6 and up. Using remote control in this tabletop game, each player navigates a cleat to move a soccer ball down the field and into the opponent’s goal.


National Parks Campfire Games: Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe, USAopoly; $19.95;; for ages 6 and up. Double-sided, magnetized cloth board has wooden, magnetic pieces that encourage these traditional games to be taken on the road.


Reading Rods® Learn-to-Read Activity Set, Learning Resources; $24.95;; for ages 6 and up. A collection of 10 beginning reader books and corresponding Reading Rods® help teach simple, short vowel words. The rectangular plastic rods have words or letters on them that interconnect to help children create words and sentences. Each rod is color-coded per use: vowels, consonants, verbs, adjectives, etc.


River Crossing Jr., ThinkFun Inc.; $14.99;; for ages 6 and up. Challenge your strategy and sequencing skills by creating a path across the lagoon using pegged tree stumps and wooden planks.


Sassy Pet Saks, Douglas; $22;; for ages 5 and up. A matching set; this plush horse comes with a designer animal print plush carrying bag.


Scramble Squares, b.dazzle inc.; $7.95;; for ages 4 and up. Match the pictures on each edge of nine squares to complete the puzzle. Themed puzzles include Insects, Serengeti, Bunnies, Butterflies, North American Birds, Lewis and Clark, Symphony, Diggin’ Dinos, Classic Cars, Boston, Frogs and Tropical Fish (each sold separately). All the puzzles are equally beautiful, equally challenging and equally deserving of an honor award.


Skrooz 84, Progressive Trading; $29;; for ages 5 and up. Children use magnetic balls and adjustable bars (that can be extended to longer lengths) to build an infinite number of creations.


Truck Tumblers, Discovery Toys Inc.; $12.99;; for ages 5 and up. Move, twist and slide nine attached puzzle squares to create a raised truck design.


V.Smile Pocket Learning System, VTech Electronics; $89.99;; for ages 5 and up. Handheld educational game system that can be connected to a TV or used alone helps teach fundamental learning skills with the aid of popular characters.


Wild Hunters, LEGO Systems Inc.; $29.99;; for ages 6 and up. Use step-by-step, detailed pictorial instructions and Lego bricks to build many identifiable wild animals.

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