NAPPA 2005: Spoken Word and Storytelling for Ages 8 and Up
By Marilyn McPhie

Nappa Gold Winners
Once upon a time ... Just hearing those words conjures memories of cuddling close and quieting within, allowing oneself to be gently transplanted into another world. It's an expression that, for kids, ranks right up there with "I love you" and "Want some ice cream?" This year's Gold Award-winning recordings envelop children in a rich collection of warm, funny, thought-provoking and reassuring stories.

Gold Award Winner

The Teachers' Lounge: More Completely True Stories and Poems, by Bill Harley, Round River Records, 2004; $15 CD; Bill Harley does it again with laugh-out-loud stuff about a world we all know - school! Catchy poems, singable songs. It'll eat a hole in your stomach! (Don't ask.) These essential stories of childhood are fodder for children and adults to share. Gotta listen.

Honor Award Winner
Riddle Me This!, by Rives Collins; Do Re Me & You!, 2004; $19.95 CD & Book; What's the difference between a child and a riddle? (Answer: Both are puzzling.) No puzzle here though. Just thought-provoking stories for listening, plus a kid-friendly, you-can-do-this-too hardcover book for reading. A jump-start for the aspiring storytellers at your house.

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Marilyn McPhie has been a professional storyteller for nearly two decades. A member of the National Storytelling Network, she has presented at many state and regional conferences, writes a review column for a storytelling newsletter and performs regularly for audiences of preschoolers through adults.