NAPPA 2005: Software for Preschool Students and Up
By Janice Stickley-White

Nappa Gold Winners
This year's Gold Award-winning software titles for children are distinguished by their depth, longevity of play, originality, visual impact, ease of installation and value for the price.

Gold Award Winners

DiDi & Ditto, Kutoka Interactive, 2003, $19.95; WIN 98/ME/2000/XP and Mac System 9, OS X;, for ages 4 to 6. Yes, Kutoka of Mia fame is back with leap-off-the-screen visuals that dazzle. In true Kutoka style, toddlers can click just about anywhere on the screen and get a result, while kindergarteners can apply logic to advance to new steps in the game. Players choose to be one of two characthers - DiDi (female) or Ditto (male) - as they explore a storybook world and gather food to feed a wolf so he will free their beaver friend.

Honor Award Winner
Lil Bratz Luscious Lil' Laptop, MGA Entertainment; 2004; $49.99; stand-alone unit;; for ages 5 to 10. This adorable mock laptop runs a series of simple programs on a flip-up screen. It's a "go-anywhere" toy, allowing youngsters to role play adults at work and to play easy learning games that include music, voice and an easy-to-type keyboard.

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Janice Stickley-White is an educator and computer-industry specialist who has been reviewing software for many years. She currently runs a company that develops training products for software developers.