NAPPA 2005: Music for ages 9 and Up

By John Wood

Nappa Award Winners
This year saw another down-to-the-wire competition in the music category, especially in the age 4 and up category. With a nice mixture of seasoned veterans, talented up-and-comers and sounds of the indies, children's music is thriving!.

Gold Award Winners

The Botanical Sessions Volume One - The Rootfriends Vacation, Various Artists, Dazsling Inc., 2005; $16 CD; Learn tree identification and botany to a rocking beat. (A related picture book is sold separately.)

Mello-D's Youth Under Construction, Mello-D, Harmony Garden Entertainment LLC, 2003; $12.95 CD; Today's music wrapped in a universal message of love, hope and fulfillment of dreams. Nicely done.

Swing Around the World, Various Artists, Putumayo World Music, 2005; $15.98 CD; This infectious, joyous world music will get the whole family up and dancing. Check it out!

The World's Very Best Opera for Kids … in English!, Various Artists, The Children's Group, 2003; $15.99 CD; World-class talent performs these classic operas; a great tool for schools or just family listening.

Honors Award Winners

A Big Bowl of Musicroni, Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band; Cool Beans Music, Inc., 2005; $15.99 CD; Pullara invites us all to a party to learn about the Italian-American culture. Laugh-out-loud songs and danceable arrangements will have you switching cultures pronto!


The Campfire Kev Show and Other Radio Favorites, Kevin Holladay; Kev Radio, 2004; $15.95 CD; This creative throwback to the days of the pure Americana radio show is mixed with contemporary sounds that make it a “feast for the ears” and fun for everyone.


I Was A Supa-Dupa Pupa!, Lucas Miller; 2005; $14.95 CD; Miller does funny takes on what used to be considered boring subject matter – but not anymore! He succeeds in educating with cool songs and a great sense of humor.


’Round the Campfire, Kathy Byers, KT Music Productions, Inc., 2004; $15.99 CD; You can almost smell those marshmallows on the stick. Byers’ charm and mellifluous voice lead us down the trail and round the campfire for some timeless sing-alongs.


Skipping Round the Moon, Susan Reed; 2005; $15 CD; If learning math was this easy, I’d have learned ages ago. Reed is a fine musician and vocalist who will have you counting your good fortune that you found this CD.


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