NAPPA 2005: Lullabies

By John Wood

Nappa Award Winners
This year saw another down-to-the-wire competition in the music category, especially in the age 4 and up category. With a nice mixture of seasoned veterans, talented up-and-comers and sounds of the indies, children's music is thriving!.

Gold Award Winners

Duermete, Mi Nino, Twin Sisters Productions, 2005; $12.99 CD;; for all ages. This beautifully produced and performed collection of lullabies transcends language; you don't have to understand Spanish to appreciate the mood it creates.

Hello Moon, Maria Sangiolo, Raging River Records, 2000; $15 CD;; for newborns to age 5. Sangiolo's clear and soothing voice eases the transition from playtime to nighttime.

I Have a Little Shadow, Steven and Caitlin Klaper, Little Shadow Productions, 2005; $19.95 CD;; for all ages. This father-and-daughter team weaves original music with the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Wings of Slumber, Banana Slug String Band, Slug Music, 2004; $14.98 CD;; for all ages. This veteran quartet delivers an hour of gentle, multicultural material that celebrates the Earth, environment, peace and understanding.

Honors Award Winners

Baby’s First Lullabies, Twin Sisters Productions, 2005; $6.99 CD;; for all ages. Lush orchestrations support traditional and classical lullabies and spiritual melodies.


Dream the Ocean Blue – Musical Images for Bedtime, Jennifer Yeung; E-Horse Music, 2005; $17.95 CD;; for all ages. These gentle, drifting, peaceful, original, piano pieces are perfect for bedtime or as a musical backdrop for story time.


Lullabies and Fireflies, Stephanie Fife; Lemon Jam Inc., 2005; $11.95 CD;; for infants. An uninterrupted, seamless musical-march into dreamland that should – for all intents and purposes – buy Mom and Dad some valuable together time.


Under the Bed, Alan Goodman; Cancoll Productions, 2005; $15 CD;; for all ages. Well-done lullabies on a well-played guitar. There was actually a moment when I almost fell asleeee … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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