NAPPA 2004: Toys for Ages 8 and Up
By Ellen Metrick

Nappa Gold Winners
We all know how vital play is to children's well-being. But when it comes to choosing toys, it can be hard to know which ones will inspire hours of lasting fun, hold kids' attention and stand up to all that wear and tear. Whether they're for the playroom at home or for Grandma's house over the holidays, this year's winners include high-quality toys that parents and grandparents can choose with confidence, knowing they'll stand the tests of time and use.

Gold Award Winners

Cogno: The Alien Adventure Game, DoubleStar; $29.95; Assuming the identity of an alien, players answer science questions to get around the universe. Move through the black hole, visit mysterious planets or travel into a parallel universe while trying to attain fuel cells to travel back to home. The answers to the game questions are defined more thoroughly in the included Book of Y, a terrific resource for players, young and old, who want to know more.

Geomag 96 Color, Geomag SA; $50; Children will be entranced with the endless possibilities of this magnetic construction set. The magnets are so strong structures won't fall apart. This set of 60 one-inch-long rods and 36 small silver spheres inspires imagination and creativity.

Fun with Watercolor, Walter Foster Publishing; $14.95; Children and adults will delight in this learn-to-watercolor set. Each page of the manual teaches a different technique and describes it in rich, rhyming detail. This set will entice children who are experienced artists or those just setting out to learn basic techniques. The easy-to-follow instructions make it fun to learn without frustration.

Honors Award Winners

10 Days in the USA, Out of the Box Publishing; $19.99;; for ages 10 and up. Take a 10-day journey across the country using state and transportation cards to route out the trip.

Coda, Winning Moves Games; $9.95; The easy-to-learn, easy-to-play game of logic and deductive reasoning. Guess your opponent's numbers before he guesses yours.

Esphera 360 3-D Plastic Spherical Puzzle, Warren Industries (A RoseArt Company); $14.99;; for ages 7 and up. Children create a spherical puzzle using curved plastic jigsaw pieces.

Geomag 125 Panel, Geomag SA; $79.99; Magnetic rods, spheres and translucent plastic panels connect to create solid structures.

Giant Spoons, Patch Products Inc.; $12.99;; for ages 7 and up. Pass cards among players to get four of a kind and grab a giant spoon from the pile before they are gone.

Lego Builder Xtreme, Warren Industries (A RoseArt Company); $14.99;; for ages 7 and up. Collect Lego pieces with each roll of the die and be the first to build your model.

Monopoly: Night Sky Edition, USAopoly Inc.; $35.99; Players buy, sell and trade comets, galaxies and planets as they try to gain control of the universe.

Old Century Games of the World, Front Porch Classics Inc.; $99.95; Kids learn a bit of history through play as they explore seven games from ancient cultures using this high-quality, handsome compilation.

Prehistoric Creatures, Lego Systems Inc.; $29.99;; for ages 7 and up. Detailed instructions enable older kids to create nine creatures - which leads to Lego mastery and the skills to create their own.

Professor Noggin's Card Game Series, Outset Media; $9.99;; for ages 7 and up. This straightforward trivia game is designed to help children learn and retain information about a particular topic through play. Questions are designed for a range of abilities. New titles released this year include Wildlife Safari, Reptiles & Amphibians, Earth Science, National Parks, Civil War, and American Revolution.

Robosapien, Wowwee; $99;; for ages 6 and up. Touch- and sound-sensitive human-like robot performs 67 functions via remote control - and is an amalgamation of Rocky, Elvis and Fonzie in personality and sound!

Scavenger Hunt for Kids, Pazow!; $6.99; An indoor search game for one or more players. Complete the most tasks from your cards to win.

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