NAPPA 2004: Toys for Ages 5 and Up
By Ellen Metrick

Nappa Gold Winners
We all know how vital play is to children's well-being. But when it comes to choosing toys, it can be hard to know which ones will inspire hours of lasting fun, hold kids' attention and stand up to all that wear and tear. Whether they're for the playroom at home or for Grandma's house over the holidays, this year's winners include high-quality toys that parents and grandparents can choose with confidence, knowing they'll stand the tests of time and use.

Gold Award Winners

Camille Hair Design and Locks of Hair, Corolle; $35; From her trendy clothes to her long, luxurious hair and realistic features, Camille is a beautifully crafted 13-inch doll. Her hair is remarkably easy to comb and style with the included brush. She is sure to become a current friend and lifelong memory for any child.

Cranium Balloon Lagoon, Cranium; $19.95; This tabletop game has all the excitement of a carnival. Players spin the merry-go-round to point to a game, then play that carnival game until the music ends. As they play, kids win plastic balloons that fit in each game piece. The first to fill up his or her piece wins.

Light 'n' Strike Math, Learning Resources; $29.95;; for ages 6 and up. Kids practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with this arcade-like, quick-paced game. The large, clear LCD screen displays a math problem. To answer, children hit the correct number button(s) with either a hand or the included rubber mallet. Three levels of play and four types of equations will engage and challenge children of varying abilities and interests for hours. The unit keeps score and raises the level of challenge as each level of competence is reached.

>Time Troopers, The b Equal Company; $29.95; Combine history, technology and family time in a game of fun and learning. The game is a trivia-based question-and-answer format using a DVD player and its standard remote control. Watch the video clips (provided by The History Channel) and/or listen to the questions, then use the arrow keys on the DVD controller to choose your answer. Actor John Cleese appears periodically on the screen with tidbits of knowledge. The game teaches history through questions and provides facts that add depth to players' answers. Because the game adjusts to players' level of skill, individuals or teams can compete at different levels of difficulty. This game will entertain all generations.
>Honors Award Winners
>4-Way Spell Down, Cadaco; $19.99;; for ages 6 and up. Make words using the two-letter dice and flip-up letter keys in this self-contained game of spelling.
>American Girl Gwen Doll and Book; Pleasant Company; $48;; for ages 4 and up. Beautifully realistic doll comes complete with an early-reader storybook. Book has a parent section to help children learn about good sportsmanship.
>Barbie My Scene "My Tunes" FM Scanner Radio, KIDdesigns Inc.; $7.99;; for ages 5 and up. Mini personal FM radio with easy press-button action to change stations.
>Dancing Eggs, HABA; $15;; for ages 5 and up. Action game whose objective is to gather and hold eggs with different body parts without dropping them.
>Genie in Lamp Puppet, Folkmanis Inc.; $35;; for ages 5 and up. Beautifully crafted in quality textured fabrics, this genie will pop out of the lamp and into kids' stories.
>Googolplex, Googolplex Games; $55.95;; for ages 5 and up. Kids move a play piece from one corner of the board to the other turning the board puzzle pieces to make a path.
>Henry's Parade, Do-Re-Me & You; $29.95;; for ages 6 and up. A book, music CD, penny whistle and beginner guide help interest children to listen, play and make music.
>Hummer H2 Speed City, Playmates Toys; $34.99;; for ages 5 and up. Hummer H2 vehicle easily transforms into attached Speed City roadway race set.
>Noah the Creature Teacher, Jazz Toys; $39.99;; for ages 5 and up. Kids make animal matches by requesting an animal from an opponent or reaching into the ark (without peeking).
>Pirate Puppet, Folkmanis Inc.; $14;; for ages 5 and up. Realistically detailed, high-quality puppet that will spark kids' imaginations.
>Probuilder Code Blue, Mega Bloks Inc.; $19.99;; for ages 5 and up. Follow step-by-step pictorial instructions to build one of 10 vehicles using the snap together blocks. Stores in a sturdy fabric zip-up suitcase.

Tub Tunes Water Flutes, Right Brain, a division of Big BOING Toys; $9.99;; for ages 5 and up. Kids tune flutes with water and then follow the song sheets to make music or create their own.

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