NAPPA 2004: Toys
By Ellen Metrick

We all know how vital play is to children's well-being. But when it comes to choosing toys, it can be hard to know which ones will inspire hours of lasting fun, hold kids' attention and stand up to all that wear and tear. Whether they're for the playroom at home or for Grandma's house over the holidays, this year's winners include high-quality toys that parents and grandparents can choose with confidence, knowing they'll stand the tests of time and use.

Nappa Award Winners Nappa Award Winners Infants/Toddlers
Ages 5 and Up
Ages 8 and Up

About the judge: Ellen Metrick is with the National Lekotek Center, a national nonprofit organization working to make play accessible and successful for children of all abilities. As a toy specialist, Metrick works with agencies and companies on the development and evaluation of high-quality toys. Learn more about the National Lekotek Center at

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