NAPPA 2004: Spoken Word and Storytelling for Ages 8 and Up

By Marilyn McPhie

Nappa Award Winners
It's fun to tell kids stories yourself. And, of course, no professional storyteller can substitute for the family variety, but it's also great to hear a different voice, a new story or a fresh take on a familiar tale. Here are our favorites from a large stack of excellent contenders. Pick up any of these titles and rest assured that they will draw children in and capture their imaginations.

Gold Award Winner

Lou Gehrig: The Story of a Great Man, by Carol Birch, 2003; $16.95 CD; The true story of baseball legend Lou Gehrig is a great American tale. An immigrant kid overcomes poverty; succeeds through talent, hard work and persistence; remains modest and honest in spite of fame; faces debilitating disease with courage and grace; and leaves the lasting legacy of a real hero. The story is compelling, heartwarming and inspiring. Birch's storycrafting is nuanced, capturing the essential qualities of the man in carefully chosen words and images. A fine listen for older children and families.

Honors Award Winner

Aunt Vyrnetta and other Stories from Cedar Grove, by Kelly Swanson, 2003; $14.95;; for ages 4 and up. Original stories guaranteed to yield a car full of laughter, especially for children over age 8. Answers the all-important question, "Wouldn't it be funny if ?" You're probably related to a few of the crazy folks in these stories.

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Marilyn McPhie has been a professional storyteller for nearly two decades. A member of the National Storytelling Association, she has presented at many state and regional conferences, writes a review column for a storytelling newsletter and performs regularly for audiences of preschoolers through adults.