NAPPA: 2004 Music for Infants and Toddlers

By John Wood

Nappa Award Winners
Any time is mighty fine for the best that children's music has to offer. Music can settle a baby, tickle a preschooler's funny bone and inspire a child to dance. But with so many performers making music for kids today, how is a well-intentioned adult to know which ones will really work magic? By choosing among these winners, that's how! Hats off to these talented musicians whose recordings hit the mark.

Gold Award Winners

Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta Funsies Vol. 2, Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta Music, 2004; $15.99 CD; A consummate and seasoned performer, songwriter and teacher cuts to the early-childhood chase with 15 tunes designed to promote the development of early motor skills and language.

Like a Flower to the Sun, by Jack Grunsky, Casablanca Kids Inc., 2004; $9.99 CD; This guy's got the goods: good lyrics, good music and downright good fun.

One Little Sound: Fun With Phonics and Numbers, by Hap Palmer, Educational Activities Inc., 2003; $15.95 CD, $12.95 cassette; A collection of clever humable songs from one of children's music's finest edutainers.

Sing With Fred, by Fred Penner, Casablanca Kids Inc., 2004; $9.99 CD; This is simple, straightforward family music that speaks right to the heart.

Sittin' Around Grover's Corner, by David Grover, NCMP, 2003; $20 for two CDs; Do the child in your life - and yourself - a favor and pick up this double CD. Steep yourselves in the wonders of Americana with this compilation from Grover's public radio programs.

Toddler, by Sara Hickman, Sleeveless, 2001; $15 CD; Hickman's songs are in English, French, Dutch, Hawaiian, Spanish and Hebrew, but in any language this woman can sing.

Honors Award Winners

Come and Make a Circle - 20 Terrific Tunes for Kids and Teachers, by Susan Salidor, 2003; $15.99; Parents, if you're looking for creative aid in the home, help has arrived. Put on this CD and let Susan take over.

Julie and Friends, by Julie Knie, Snorkel Dog Records, 2004; $13.99 CD; Fun, bouncy, original participatory songs for the young at heart.

Jumpety Jump, by Graham Walker, Laughing Fox Music, 2001; $12.95 CD; An upbeat, friendly mix of original tunes and clever remakes.

Ride 'n' Sing Along, Lemon Jam Inc., 2004; $10.95 CD; If you ever take a long car trip, or any type of trip for that matter, take this CD along and have some fun-filled peace.

Time to Sing! II, Center for Creative Play, 2004; $16.99 CD;, 800-977-5708. A wonderful collection of familiar sing-alongs specifically designed for children with speech or language delays.

Toucan You Can, by Donna Lisa, Donna Lisa Music, 2004; $13.99 CD; Donna Lisa shares favorite animal songs in an easygoing way.

Wake Up & Go To Sleep!, by Francie Kelley, Artsong Music, 2002; $15.99 CD; A day in the life of a youngster is musically enacted.

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