NAPPA 2003: Toys for Ages 8 and Up

By Ellen Metrick

Nappa Gold Winners
For toys to be true hits with kids and parents alike, they have to be fun right out of the box, but they have to have staying power, too. This year's top picks in the Toys and Tech Toys categories will educate, entertain and hold kids' attention over the long haul.

Gold Award Winners

Old Century Dread Pirate, Front Porch Classics, $99.99;, 206-826-3202; ages 8 and up. This beautifully crafted game comes packaged in a replica treasure chest. Find or battle for coins and jewels and be the first to reach Dread Island. Several game variations allow for beginner or advanced play. A cloth treasure map game board, metal coins, glass jewels and four different metals used to create the pawns, along with an impressive rulebook, make this a realistic, high-quality game.

Honors Award Winners

Boccerball II, Regent Sports Corp., $79.99;, 631-234-2800. This marble soccer table game challenges players to push metal marbles down shoots to hit the soccer ball into the opponent's goal.

Boggle Game Folio Edition, Hasbro, $19.99;, 888-836-7025. This travel version of the Boggle game comes with a zipper travel case and an electronic timer. Players try to make the most words out of the presented letter cubes.

Cranium Conga, Cranium Inc., $19.95;, 877-CRANIUM. Win tiles to fill in your case by picking a card and giving clues to your opponents using clay, gestures or verbal hints.

Leyla Doll & Book from the Girls of Many Lands Collection, American Girl, $54;, 800-845-0005; for ages 9 and up. Leyla wears authentic clothing and accessories from Turkey and, with the included book, helps children gain an appreciation for a different culture.

Maya Madness, Gamewright, $11.99;, 617-924-6006; for ages 10 and up. Learn how to add positive and negative numbers to collect secret number tokens.

PDQ, Gamewright, $9.99;, 617-924-6006. Flip over three letter cards and be the first to make a word.

Red-Handed, Games For All Reasons, $29.95;; for ages 12 and up. This board game poses questions and the names of colors are in the answers.

Twister Moves, Hasbro, $19.99;, 888-836-7025. The classic game of Twister now incorporates music and dance moves.

T-Kinato, Jeruel Industrial Co., cost varies depending on the number of pieces; Ingeniously designed plastic puzzle where all the pieces are identical in shape and size, and are all attached!

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Ellen Metrick is a toy specialist with the National Lekotek Center.