NAPPA 2003: Tech Toys for Infants & Toddlers

By Ellen Metrick

Nappa Gold Winners

What's a Tech Toy? It's a toy in which a microchip or electronic circuitry is key to the item's function and play value. Which ones are worth taking home? Here are this year's NAPPA winners:

Gold Award Winners

Pet Me Platypus, Neurosmith, $19.99;, 800-220-3669; newborn and up. This touch-activated musical plush toy stimulates a child's senses and invites the cause-and-effect learning process to begin. Four lighted buttons on the Platypus' back enable a child to choose one of four musical styles. Two modes of play allow for continued musical entertainment or interactive fun.

Honors Award Winners

GeoTrax Rail & Road System, Fisher Price, $39.99;, 800-432-5437; for ages 2-1/2 and up. This expandable railway system features a hand-held remote control.

Mega Bloks Learning Center, Mega Bloks Inc., $34.99;, 800-465-MEGA; for ages 2 and up. Children gain a basic understanding of letters and shapes while playing music, responding to questions, building with blocks - and having fun!

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Ellen Metrick is a toy specialist with the National Lekotek Center.
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