NAPPA 2003: Software for Early Childhood

By Janice Stickley-White

Nappa Award Winners
This year, software developers are once again offering titles brimming with originality and teeming with skill-building activities. Our award winners are clever and educational.

Gold Award Winners

Jump Start Advanced Toddlers, Vivendi Universal/Knowledge Adventure; $29.95; WIN 98/ME/2000/XT and Mac G3 and up;, 800-545-7677; ages 18 months to 3 years. This program aims to teach more than 50 skills, including pre-reading (letter recognition, vocabulary), art and music (songs, rhymes, tone recognition), pre-math, science (the body, animals, cause and effect), and computer use. The visuals are splendid - from the adorable ducks, turtles, mice, butterflies and other bright, cheerful creatures to the actual children who appear in various videos throughout the program. This is a three-CD set that includes Sing-Along Time, Art Time and School Time CDs.

Rescue Heroes Mission Select, Vivendi Universal/Knowledge Adventure; $19.99; WIN 98/ME/2000/XT and MAC G3 and up;, 800-545-7677; ages 4 to 7. This program takes players on an exciting but non-violent journey to put out fires, rescue backpackers from mountain ledges and save people from underwater incidents. Nine characters inhabit the program, and players use eight rescue vehicles (including a helicopter, hydrofoil and police cruiser) to save stranded people, move debris, build bridges and perform other challenging rescue tasks.

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Janice Stickley-White is a software reviewer and a high-school teacher who worked at U.S. Computer Systems before establishing her own company developing training and advertising products for software developers.