NAPPA: 2003 Music for Infants and Toddlers

By John Wood

Nappa Award Winners
Music for children just gets better and better. We're delighted to be able to present winners that represent such a wide range of influences and styles - and thrilled that children everywhere can benefit from the diversity and excellence of performers who have their interests at heart!

Gold Award Winners

Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta FUNsies, by Katherine Dines, Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta Music, 2003; $15.99;, 303-298-7122. This album of creative, practical and fun songs and activities for parents and children comes from a consummate and seasoned performer. Dines offers 15 compelling tunes designed to aid in the development of early motor skills and language.

Look At My Belly, by Brady Rymer, Bumblin' Bee Records, 2003; $15;, 631-765-1629. A day in the life of a new dad and his son translates into 13 original and creative tunes by singer-songwriter Brady Rymer.

Under a Shady Tree, by Laurie Berkner, Two Tomatoes Records, 2002; $14.95;, 800-361-8153. Sincerely silly, smartly observed and performed with energy and an understanding of her audience, Laurie Berkner's songs speak to the child in us all. Experience counts.

Honors Award Winners

Baby Neptune, Baby Einstein, Buena Vista Records, 2003; $9.99 CD; Classical music for kids built on Handel's celebratory "Water Music," also including Beethoven, Mozart and other big wigs with playful ports of call instrumentation.

Come Outside to Play, Makin' Music, 2002; $14.99 CD, $18.99 CD/book/instruments; Interesting mix of originals, traditionals, beats and rhythms with a full house of 26 musical selections. Instruments are provided, so there's no excuse not to play along.

Do You Wish You Could Fly?, Kathy Byers, KT Music Productions Inc., 2002; $15.95;, 800-611-4698. Byers sings songs that children can relate to in a comforting, soothing voice. Parents won't mind hitting the replay button.

Quiet Escapes, Twin Sisters Productions, 2003; $12.99 CD, $8.99 cassette; Quiet-time music that will soothe the souls of toddlers and adults alike.

The Second Line - Scarf Activity Songs, Johnette Downing Music For Children, 2003; $15 CD, $10 cassette; New Orleans-style activity songs and games with scarves.

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