NAPPA 2003: Music for Ages 9 and Up

By John Wood

Nappa Award Winners
Music for children just gets better and better. We're delighted to be able to present winners that represent such a wide range of influences and styles - and thrilled that children everywhere can benefit from the diversity and excellence of performers who have their interests at heart!

Gold Award Winners

It's a Puzzle, by Trout Fishing in America, Trout Records, 2003; $14.98;, 888-439-8342. The latest outing of two talented chaps, this recording ties bluegrass and rockabilly musical roots to sharp witty lyrics. The musicianship is top-notch, the singing is great, the arrangements rock and the recording - clichés aside - is truly for the whole family.

African Playground, by various artists, Putumayo World Music, 2003; $15.98; Another comprehensive cultural experience from the Putumayo brain trust, this CD highlights the music of Africa with traditional, upbeat instrumentation - a transporting experience. The liner notes are highly informative for older children and parents.

This Land Is Your Land - Songs of Unity, by various artists, Music for Little People, 2002; $15.98 CD, $9.98 cassette;, 707-923-3991. This ambitious and rewarding tribute to America features stories, songs and poetry that depict the nation's social struggles and triumphs and espouse liberty and justice for all. A hidden pleasure is Brian Johnson of AC/DC singing "If I Had a Hammer."
PAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Verdana; FONT-SIZE: 14pt">Honors Award Winners
TRONG>The Body Tune Up, Mike Sexton, All Children's Hospital, 2002; $10 CD; Well-crafted songs and performances - with a medical angle.
TRONG>Cooee, Paul Taylor and Don Spencer, Kiva Records, 2003; $15 CD; A warm and wonderful recounting, through story and song, of the remarkable history of Australia.
TRONG>Rainforest and Tropical Animals, David Williams, Trapdoor Records, 2003; $15 CD; Edutaining, original songs presented in an engaging variety of styles. You try writing about a puffer fish!

When Bullfrogs Croak, Zak Morgan, Zak Morgan Music, 2003; $15 CD; A clever and sincere combination of poetry, music and premier production.

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