NAPPA 2003: Bools for Ages 6 and Up

By Helen Foster James, Ed.D., Kathleen Krull and Peter Neumeyer, Ph.D.

Nappa Award Winners
From a zany worm's diary to the importance of controlling anger, this year's Gold Award-winning books reflect the rich variety of children's literature. Here are some new gems that will entertain and inform as they instill a joy of reading in your child.

Gold Award Winners

Bonz Inside-Out!, by Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi, Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2003, $15.95. This entertaining and informative book with vibrant illustrations is sure to tickle your funny bone as it presents everything you ever wanted to know about bones, including traditional songs, bone facts and riddles, an explanation of Day of the Dead, and more.

Max's Logbook, by Marissa Moss, Scholastic, 2003, $12.95. "I have so many ideas, I need a place to record them," says Max as he recalls his "cool inventions and experiments." As it turns out, the book is Max's record of heartbreak and recovery.

Plum, by Tony Mitton, illustrated by Mary GrandPré, Scholastic, 2003, $17.95. This is a tasty collection of poetry, beginning with an ode to the purple fruit's "juicy flesh" and ending with "Instructions for Growing Poetry." Rich colors swirl throughout.

Stone Soup, by Jon J. Muth, Scholastic, 2003, $16.95. This popular folktale has its roots in European folklore, but Muth tells the story in the Buddha-story tradition with a Chinese setting. Traveling monks encourage villagers to make soup from stones in this tale of sharing, collaboration and generosity. The text is complemented by exquisite watercolor illustrations.

Honors Award Winners

Jam & Jelly by Holly & Nellie, by Gloria Whelan, illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen; Sleeping Bear Press, 2003; $17.95; A gentle story of the relationship between a mother and daughter as they work together preserving jams and jellies to purchase a new winter coat and boots for the young girl.

The Kingfisher Book of Family Poems, selected by Belinda Hollyer, illustrated by Holly Swain; Kingfisher, 2003; $18.95; Everyday family life - from disasters to delights, from Shel Silverstein and Langston Hughes to Janet Wong and Ogden Nash - is celebrated in over 150 poems for sharing.

Pictures For Miss Josie, by Sandra Belton, illustrated by Benny Andrews; Greenwillow, 2003; $16.99; A young painter tells the story of the effect on him of meeting "Miss Josie," Josephine Smith, a real-life hero who instilled confidence in generations of African-American youngsters.

Welcome to Kaya's World, 1764: Growing Up in a Native American Homeland, by Dottie Raymer; Pleasant Company Publications, 2003; $16.95; This fascinating look at the Nez Perce people uses illustrations and photographs in double-page spreads making it perfect for browsing. The book contains a wide range of material including a glossary of Nez Perce words, their legends, history and traditions.

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