My Baby Can't Sleep Without A Bottle
Q: Our 9-month-old daughter won't go to bed without a bottle. Can she get cavities this young?
A: Letting your baby fall asleep with a bottle (no matter what it's filled with -- fruit juice, breastmilk, or formula) can promote tooth decay. Infants are susceptible to tooth decay even before they cut all their teeth.

To keep your child's smile bright and healthy, follow these simple guidelines suggested by many dentists:
  • Take the bottle away from your baby before she falls asleep.
  • With the use of a cup, start weaning your baby from the bottle starting at 6 months of age.
  • Wean your child from the bottle completely by her first birthday.
  • Don't sweeten a pacifier by dipping it in sugar or any other sweetener.
  • Never put juice or sweetened drinks in your baby's bottle.
  • Clean your baby's teeth and gums with a clean soft washcloth or gauze after each feeding.
  • Ask your dentist, doctor, or nutritionist about fluoride to protect and strengthen your child's teeth.