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Turn Up The Music!, Lanny Sherwin, Sandman Records, 2005; $9.98 CD;

Following crisply on the heels of his two well-received Dream with Me Tonight CD’s (Lullabies For All Ages and A Father’s Lullaby), award-winning songwriter Lanny Sherwin has pumped up the volume once again with 12 original tunes that offer a variety of styles, great performances and singable lyrics. “A Capppella” kicks off the show – a lesson by demonstration with spot-on harmonies – hey, we all sing a cappella in the shower, right? A lovely song, “Here For the Runnin’,” shares the love of just doing something for the absolute joy of the action not the result. Winning is not the goal when a child with special needs competes in “The Winner.” And the title song, “Turn Up the Music,” exudes a zest for life and living in the moment. Sherwin has dealt a blow to complacency and bad songwriting with this collection, so turn up the music and sing along.

Marvelous Day!, Steve Roslonek, SteveSongs, 2005; $15 CD;

I’ve watched the artistic growth of this artist over the years and he’s the real deal. Steve Roslonek has seasoned himself in the pressure cooker of live performances and learned the songwriting craft from the inside out. He exhibits a genuine love for children and his exuberance shines through in his performance and presentation. You can visit his Web site and listen to Marvelous Day! for yourself. My job is to shine a light, for one brief moment, on an artist who is doing his best work at this very moment and doing it for the benefit of children and their caregivers. Give him a listen, pick up his CD. You’ll see (and hear), I’m not wrong!

John Wood

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