Music Review: Buccaneers and Buckaroos

Well, you can’t go wrong with pirates … well, what I mean is, they’re wrong to begin with, but pirate music? That’s so right! After a tough day of mayhem and stuff, let’s gather round the yardarm and get funky, and who better to sing the praises of the pirate life but Captain Boggs and Salty with Pegleg Tango, their second anticipated release. This CD of rowdy, unfettered fun and games is crammed to the poop deck with style, musicianship and a nod and a wink to a great tradition: call it Hell’s Angel’s lite.

If you ever want your timbers shivered or your scally wagged, this six-member, multitalented, theatrical-musical group from the Pacific Northwest will trim your mainsail and drop your anchor long enough to experience a musical sound that will shake even Keith Richards’ suspect DNA.

The songs are engaging, the performances transcending and the cover art is inspirational. Somehow, somewhere, adults are listening to this CD on the sly.

Pegleg Tango, Captain Boggs & Salty, Scabbydisc Music, 2004; $15 CD; 800-BUY-MY-CD,

The Cowboy Girl, Patience Moore, sings her boots off in Buckaroos Sleep Too!, a classy collection of award-winning, cow-patty-kicking, downright-doggone-good-music. It’s equally divided into play time and quiet time. The musicianship is stellar and the songs, from “Hamburger Hop” to “Wrapped in a Rainbow,” smell like victory for a new appreciative audience of family music.

I hear tell that Buck Howdy is on the cusp of releasing a new album. Can we but hope that the Cowboy Girl and Buck Howdy will someday record or perform together? Oh yeah, like Michael Jackson and Prince will do the Prince and the Pauper.

Buckaroos Sleep Too! is an excellent CD worthy of multiple listenings.

Buckaroos Sleep Too!, The Cowboy Girl, Rab Records, 2004; $18.98 double CD; 973-509-2709,  

– John Wood

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