Movie Review: Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

Super-spy Cody Banks is back in a new action/adventure film set in London, where heís been sent to track down his former trainer, now a rogue agent, who has stolen a top-secret mind-control device. Cody goes undercover at a posh English boarding school, where he has to keep the other kids from guessing his true identity while infiltrating covert hideouts, locating his target Ė oh, yes, and practicing the clarinet.

Boasting new gadgets (like exploding candy and eavesdropping retainers) plus a wisecracking handler (Anthony Anderson) and a hip British agent (Hannah Spearrit), this film puts Cody in the position of having to save the world from the man who taught him everything he knows.

According to the filmís star, Frankie Muniz, this film has more laughs than the first one. "There wasnít nearly as much comedy in the first movie as there is in this one," he says. "Thatís part of the reason we have Anthony Anderson in this movie Ė he is comedy!"

As for Muniz, heís no slouch as Cody (or as Malcolm in the Middle, for that matter). "I donít think of how to be funny or when to say my line or when to do this or that," he says, "I just kind of do it."

Munizís favorite scene of the film isnít comedy, though, itís action. "Itís a big chase scene," he says. "I run into this construction site and a crane is lifting up these bars and I grab them. They pull me up over a huge tanker and the villain shoots a missile. Thereís a big explosion under me. That was fun to film."

Muniz did much of his own stunt work. "Thatís part of the fun of doing an action movie," he says. "I hate it in movies when you can tell itís a stunt double. I wanted to do as much of it as possible, so I did a lot of training. Once Iím done acting Ė once nobody wants me anymore," he laughs, "Iím definitely going to become a stunt man or stunt driver. Itís so much fun."

The movie is rated PG.

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