More Dating Guidelines
Sacramento parents discuss their rules for meeting the boy, car dating and curfews.

Meeting the Boy and the Parents

Jim and Shannon Casey meet the boy, first. “If he calls on the phone, he has to have something good to say,” says Jim. “He can’t just call and ask for my daughter and then have nothing else to say.”

Jim also talks to the parents of the boy. Jim has met parents over the phone, but he prefers to meet them face-to-face before the first date.

“Their relationship starts at school and if they want to do anything more, I need to meet their parents prior to them doing anything on their own.”

Car Dating

Jim Casey prefers that his girls drive. Angela Pritchard’s boys don’t own a car; if they did she wouldn’t be opposed to their taking dates out in them. “First, I would find out where they were going, what time they would be done and make sure they were home with enough time not to make out in the car.”

Driving isn’t an issue for David Rosen and Jeanette Wrysinski. “None of our kids drive,” says David. “Our oldest has shown no desire to learn how. So, if they were to be going out, unless their date drove, there would have to be some sort of transportation arranged.”


The Casey’s have a 10 p.m. curfew for their daughter, Sara, 17. They feel that most dating activities, such as dinner or a movie, can be done by 10 p.m., but they are open to her staying out later if the event warrants. Dawn, 19, is allowed to stay out later since she has graduated from high school. However, she needs to call and check in for safety reasons.

Curfew for Pritchard’s boys depends on the activity and a reasonable amount of time to get home.

Rosen and Wrysinski will set these guidelines when the time comes: knowing who the boys are going out with, how to contact the girl’s parents, how they are getting around, how long they are going to be out and to be sure that the date is treated with respect.