Math Moments Directory

Math Moments™ creator, David Schwartz, spends much of his time finding unusual, whimsical ways to make math and science come alive for kids and teachers, both through writing and through speaking at schools and conferences. He has written nearly 50 books for kids, including How Much Is a Million? and the “Look Once, Look Again” series.

Here is a directory to all the simple “math moments” families can discover and explore in everyday life.

Savory Summertime Estimation (July 2005)

Math on the Road (June 2005)

Good Games, Good Math (May 2005)

Crafty Math (April 2005)

Everyone Counts (March 2005)

Home Improvement = Math Improvement (Feb. 2005)

Math on Ice (Jan. 2005)

Happy Holidays...and Happy Math! (Dec. 2004)

Relishing Math at the Thanksgiving Feast  (Nov. 2004)

Trick or Treat … and Teach! (Oct. 2004)

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