Make Some Mother's Day Memories

Mother's Day is a wonderful time for your kids to say "You're special to me" to the great ladies in their lives.

By Deirdre Wilson

While you're probably not supervising the creation of your own Mother's Day gift, most kids have several other "moms" who play a significant role in their lives. Kids love to make things; they just need supplies and guidance from a patient adult. Here are some creative ideas for gifts that will bring treasured Mother's Day memories simply because they came directly from little hands.

1. Write an essay describing why you love a parent, grandparent, aunt, godmother, on pretty stationery or white paper rolled up and tied with a ribbon. Or create a book from that essay with hand-colored or painted pictures to illustrate different sentences. You can punch three holes in the side of each page and tie the book together with yarn or ribbon.

Girl Crafting2. Design a photo frame out of construction paper, card stock or pieces of wood. Decorate the frame with glitter, stickers, ribbons, buttons, shells, etc., and put a favorite photograph inside (either of the child or the person the child wants to give the frame to).

3. Create a collage about your family, using photographs, drawings, short descriptions and decorative items, such as shells, leaves, ribbon, etc. These items can all be glued onto a large piece of posterboard. Or make a small photo collage of a child with grandparents or cousins, etc.

4. Paint or decoupage a light-switch plate. Use thick paints that will adhere to shiny plastic surfaces or glue decorative pieces of fabric, wallpaper or magazine pictures onto the switch plate.

5. Paint pictures or designs onto a plain clay flower pot. Give just the pot or fill it with a plant

6. Make a terrarium or seaside scene inside a small glass vase. Use pebbles, green moss, fall foliage, small pieces of wood or stone for the earth terrarium. Or use beach sand, shells, small pieces of driftwood, the small discarded shell of a crab, etc., for the sea scene.

7. Make jewelry out of puzzle pieces. Take a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, or several pieces glued together, paint it and decorate it with beads, glitter, sequins, etc., Glue a jewelry pin on the back.

8. Decorate several sheets of paper and envelopes to give as stationery. Use glue and glitter, crayons, markers or paint for borders; or cut out pieces of sponge, dip them into paint and make stamps on the paper.

9. You can also create marbleized stationary by purchasing fine-quality resume paper and blank note cards. Pour droplets of tempura paint into a metal pan containing a mixture of water and a cup of laundry starch. Use a plastic fork to “comb” the color of the paint lightly across the water’s surface. Place a sheet of paper on top of the water’s surface for a few seconds, lift the paper up and place it on newspaper to dry. Then cut a panel of the marbleized paper and rubber cement it to one of the note cards. On the back of the card, you can copyright the child’s name and the year.

10. Make a mom’s memory box. Cover and decorate a shoebox with wrapping paper, construction paper, a collage of cut-outs, or torn bits of tissue paper.  On the inside (and outside if you want), glue photos and other reminders and symbols of special times and shared experiences. Or create a diaorama of a special event, using small toys and paper cut-outs.  

Dierdre Wilson is national editor at Dominion Parenting Media.