Make a Haunted House

No Baking Required!

Why wait for the Christmas season to bake up some gingerbread and construct a house of sweets? Instead of making a house decked out for the season of Santa, make a scary abode for ghosts and ghouls. A tasty alternative to gingerbread is to make a miniature haunted house using graham crackers, an empty milk carton and frosting “glue.”

Ages: 3 to adult

Time: One hour

Skills required: Designing and gluing

Materials: An empty half-pint milk carton, graham crackers, assorted candies, and chocolate frosting or vanilla frosting dyed orange.

Start Building!

1.  Wash and dry an empty milk carton.

2.  Cut enough pieces of graham cracker to cover all the surfaces.

3.  Glue the crackers to the carton using frosting. Use chocolate frosting to make the house look old and scary, or vanilla frosting tinted orange for a seasonal look.

4.  Also use frosting to “glue” on candy decorations.

5.  Add some spooks to the windows and a graveyard for a frightening finishing touch.