Magical Musical Moments

Diane Tatum’s The Magic Garden is a truly magical musical experience that opens a portal to a pure and simpler time. Charming child performances, especially the angelic vocals with the precise little accent on “Mousie, Mousie,” will melt the harshest of critics. But angelic voices notwithstanding, this recording is a down-to-earth treat for the entire family. “Each of the songs hatched out of what you might call a transparent moment,” says Tatum. “Our rooster does crow in the middle of the night (‘My Little Rooster’). And the children do – despite scratches – love to hide in prickly blackberry caves (‘Blackberry Suite’).”

The Magic Garden, Diane Tatum, Kidz 4 Kidz Productions; $14.99 CD;, 609-267-1977.

Lots of styles and smiles accompany Jim Cosgrove’s fourth kids album, Pick Me, Pick Me! Cosgrove gives you the Jimmy Buffet vibe that he’s right there in your living room performing just for you. Whether he’s singing about “Monster Trucks,” a “Little Red Wagon” or a greedy little birthday girl in “Mary Kate’s Birthday Cake,” fun is always at the forefront. Cosgrove definitely has the handle on kids’ sensibilities and what tickles them – good musicians and an unobtrusive kids’ chorus complement the songs. 

Pick Me, Pick Me, Jim Cosgrove, Hiccup Productions; $14 CD;, 913-831-4404.

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From United Parenting Publications, October 2003.