Good, effective healthcare begins with you. It's about taking ownership of your healthcare. HealtheTracks™ and HealthTracks™ are here to help.
We have three services designed to meet the needs of your family.

Online record keeping

Hard cover book

Soft cover book

Is a winner of the 2006 NAPPA honors award.

Book Testimonials

"I just received my copy of the child health history and I love it. I am a registered nurse and I realize the importance of a thorough health history. I feel that this book is very well organized and covers all bases. Thanks so much."

- Suzanne V.; RN and HealthTracks™ Customer

HealthTracks™ is “a great tool for families to take ‘ownership’ of their medical histories!”

- Dr. Jody Mathie; Pediatrician, Cherry Creek Pediatrics, Denver CO



You’re 35,000 feet over Denver.

=4>Your spouse is in Boston
=4>and your daughter is with
=4>her grandmother in a
emergency room.

=4>The doctor needs to know
=4>your child’s complete
=4>medical history ASAP.

Now what?

HealtheTracks™ was created for just this kind of emergency. This amazing record keeping system is a mom friendly, quick, efficient and allows you to keep your family's up-to-date health records online and instantly accessible to you or anyone you choose.
Your child's records contain YOUR observations, YOUR questions, YOUR notes. After all, who is more concerned about YOUR family's health than you? From anywhere in the world, 24/7, it's easy, secure, and always at your fingertips!

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HealtheTracks™ Testimonials
What other moms have to say...

“HealtheTracks is a fabulous way to keep track of your family's health history and on-going health issues. In a world of increasingly less personal health care, it is a great idea to keep track of doctor's visits, medications and other matters on your own; HealtheTracks makes the job easy and fun.”
- K.J., Mom and Lawyer, Orinda, CA

“The idea of tracking health history seemed insurmountable up until now; the step by step process of your site makes this tracking seem do-able; I can see myself filling in the pieces gradually over time.”

- C.D., Mom of 5 Children, CO

“I really loved how when you enter information (i.e. Orthodontist name and address) it transfers to the other charts if you want it to. I also like how when you leave a section of a chart and pull up a different chart, it stays in the same section on the new chart. This allowed me to add information easily.”

- K.S., Mom of 2 Children, CO

“Using HealtheTracks to consolidate my family's medical records has put me in the driver's seat in managing their overall health. I can now look critically at each family member's medical history and better participate in each of their doctor's appointments.”

- B.W., Mother of Three, Greenwood Village, CO

“I love this tool... it will be so good to have this resource and set of records so that my son's Dad and I can share the information even though we live in different households.”

- J.H., Mother of One and Entrepreneur