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  • For many new moms, lasting muscle and joint pain, incontinence and pain during sex are just a few of the "souvenirs" of pregnancy. But these common postpartum ailments are treatable - and you don't need drugs or surgery. Find out how physical therapy can help.

    Put Safety First When Picking Baby Essentials

    Choosing which furniture and accessories to buy for your baby can be difficult, especially with so many options today. One of the most important criteria is safety. Use this checklist of items to budget for and learn about the safety considerations to keep in mind when you shop.

    Your New Baby and the Family Pet
    Worried about how Fido and Fluffy will react to your new baby? Here are some helpful tips on how to introduce your newborn to your pets.

    Understanding Postpartum Mood Disorders
    Many new mothers suffer mild to serious cases of postpartum mood disorders without getting the medical care they need. Learn how to recognize the symptoms and how to find help.

    Choosing Childcare for Your Baby
    Recent research shows that the childcare setting matters less than what happens within that setting. Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering different options so you can feel secure that your selection provides a loving relationship for your infant.

    The Ins and Outs of Thumbsucking
    Studies show that 50 percent to 70 percent of children have a thumb-sucking habit during their first year. Here's what you should know about thumb-sucking and pacifiers.