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Let the Feathers Fly!
Are you a birdwatcher? Celebrate International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) on the second Saturday in May and discover the benefits of bird-watching. Spring is the perfect time to observe our feathered friends, feed some backyard visitors and turn your kids on to the wings of nature.

Less than a decade old, IMBD was established to bring awareness to birds that migrate between winter and summer homes and other bird species. For information on the day’s history, fly to IMBD. Many zoos and nature centers celebrate the day with special activities for kids, so surf to their sites to find local festivals.

Enchanted Learning, offers a simple kids’ guide to bird-watching. Discover how to identify different birds and how to attract them to your own back yard. Click on “Zoom Birds” to learn all about birds from penguins to peacocks.

If you’re serious about birding, wing your way to the American Bird Association. Kids can join the Young Birders program, sign up for a birding conference and even apply for scholarships.

Take a peek at the fluttering activity on an Indianapolis, Ind., deck located on 20 acres of beech-maple woods surrounded by pasture. The Wild Birds Unlimited FeederCam  monitors birds, and occasionally squirrels, snacking on food in a bird feeder. New images are uploaded every three minutes from dawn until dusk Eastern Time. If there are no birds when you look, check out the archived images. Make your own simple bird feeder from a milk jug by following the instructions at this site:

Happy birding!

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