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Looking for a good Web site for dads to learn about and discuss the ins and outs of fatherhood? While sites devoted to moms are plentiful across the Internet, itís pretty tough to net good sites geared especially for dads. Here are a handful of the best:

The National Center for Fathering offers an exceptional resource at The site strives to "strengthen families by strengthening fathers." This is the place for getting inspiration on being a better dad.

Promoted as a place "where real fathers write about real fatherhood," features dozens of articles written by dads. The site has pages devoted to first-time fathers, divorced fathers, stepfathers, fathers of teens, stay-at-home dads, homeschooling dads, working fathers, custodial fathers, special needs fathers and widowed fathers.

Are you about to be a new dad or are you going for baby number two or three? Join the discussion at

Are you a stay-at-home dad or thinking about becoming one? Be sure to surf to Learn how to start a playgroup, run a home business and tackle the tough dad issues of today. Great for dads who work outside the home too, the site includes a searchable resource database.

Do you have a daughter? Zoom over to to discover how to strengthen your relationship with your female child. The site is the home of the book of the same name, authored by Joe Kelly (who has written for United Parenting Publications) and also offers tips for live-away dads.

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From United Parenting Publications, June 2003.