How to Talk to Your Baby: A Guide to Maximizing Your Child's Language and Learning Skills

(John Wincek, Avery, $9.95)

When a new baby enters our lives, we're all experts at cooing, oohing, aahing and that ever-popular high-pitched "baby talk" tone. One perusal of How to Talk to Your Baby will change all that.

Dougherty explains how the brain develops physically, and then details how we can use this information to create a language-rich environment for baby. Dougherty outlines the five methods of language learning -- naming, describing, comparing, explaining, and giving directions -- and then shows parents how to implement them in a variety of different locations, such as the playground and the supermarket.

Dougherty keeps this dense topic light and engaging by including cute sketches and bulleted lists. In addition, the book features stages and guidelines for language development, rhymes and songs for different aged babies, a parent worksheet, a glossary, and a list of helpful resources. An easy read, packed with useful information, HTTTYB is a perfect gift for the new or expecting mother.