Hands-On Crafts
Have a Ball Art Project
Here is a suggestion for a fun project easily done by little artists:

Ages: 1 to 3

Time: Minimal

Skills Required: None!

Materials: Cake pan with clear plastic lid or box with lid, liquid tempera paint (two or three colors), three golf balls and paper.


1. Place a piece of paper in the bottom of the cake pan. (If a cake pan is unavailable, a cardboard box or shoe box will work.)

2. Dip each golf ball into one color of paint or have an adult paint the golf balls with a paint brush and place the balls in the cake pan on the paper.

3. Secure the lid on the cake pan or box and then let the child shake it back and forth as the balls roll around and paint the paper.

4. For a thematic variation, precut the paper into seasonal shapes (flowers, butterflies or other spring shapes) and use bright, spring colors paints.

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